Bellmore Milk Company

Home Delivery

Areas we service:

We offer Home Delivery to residents of Nassau County, parts of Suffolk County, and Brooklyn. Please stay tuned as we add more locations. 

All orders must be placed by Wednesday by 5pm to receive our order the following Weekend.


Q: What day will my products be delivered?

A: As we begin we will only deliver on Weekends, as more customers sign up we will expand our delivery service to include a weekday. All orders must be place by Wednesday at 5pm to receive your order the following Weekend. 

Q:What if we are outside your delivery area but still want to make a purchase?

A: We will arrange for either a pick-up order, or a local pick-up location nearby based upon interest in your area. Please email your requested area and we will arrange a way to get you our products.

 Q: Do you have a minimum order requirement?

A: Yes all orders must over $12.00 for delivery, we also charge a $5.00 delivery fee on all orders. For all orders canceled after the 5pm Wednesday deadline will incur a $5.00 restocking fee. 

Q: Do you charge a deposit on glass bottled products?

A: No, we do not charge a deposit on glass bottled products, however we do charge you $2.50 per bottle, if the bottle is not returned upon next delivery or if no order is placed within 15 days. 

Q: How will I know when my order will be delivered?

A: Most of our orders are delivered on Sundays, we have a few towns that receive deliveries on Saturdays. After your first order is placed we will send you an email if you are located in a Saturday delivery town. If no email is received your items will be delivered on Sunday. We do our best to get your items delivered as early as possible.  

Q: Where do you leave our items?

A: On your delivery date please leave a cooler big enough to keep all of your items fresh outside the front of your home. You can purchase an insulated milk box from our provider or use your own. Driver is not responsible for items that don't fit in the cooler provided so please keep in mind while ordering. Please be mindful of the temperature and safe way to store your products until you bring them into your home. We cannot be held liable for items freezing or spoiling because of no cooler or cooler bag being left outside in a visible location.